When Ed Cooper (Sonny Shroyer, Enos of the Dukes of Hazzard) retired from the state police, he thought he would enjoy the life of a small town sheriff in a place where people and things move at a slower pace.
When he decides to put a stop to moonshining, he is painfully introduced to Ben Perkins (Barney Barnwell of the Plumb Hollow Band). Olí Ben is not about to let some two-bit sheriff put him out of business! Thatís when the laughs, misadventure, and mayhem begin.
When Sheriff Cooper enlists the help of two recently fired sawmill employees, Ike (Bryce Williamson) and Clem (Robert P. Johnson, II) Ben winds up in jail. Angered, Bens wife Matilda (Joan Fox) springs into action to facilitate Benís release. If Ben is in jail, he canít make moonshine, if he canít make moonshine, he canít sell moonshine, if he canít sell moonshine, Matilda canít fulfill her dream of going to Paris.